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Best Advertising Agency London


2 Things To Look For in an Advertising Agency 2018

Recently the growth of the Internet marketing has gone through roof, everywhere you go people are glued to there phones or tablets, with eyes always on a screen to market to potential customers guess what you need to be on that screen displaying your product or service.

Big businesses have been taking advantage of online marketing for a few years now and social media is starting to really take on google, however local and small businesses are still only just coming to terms with the fact traditional marketing is not the way to go and even the smallest of businesses should start marketing online.

Even self employed services such as plumbers and gardeners need to take advantage of online marketing.

The market is changing very rapidly and keeping up is often hard especially for people in totally unrelated industry mobile searches and use is increasing rapidly making sure you are optimised for everything is key.

1. First of all Practising What they preach…

Is the SEO expert London you are looking at already doing what you want to be done for your business, forget about the product or industry they are in, are they doing better than their competition, do they match all the criteria that you want your business to match, 5 star reviews, nice website, top of search results, relevant videos, are you seeing them advertise to you multiple times? if yes and you want to contact them as this usually means they are a good seo company London– get them to do the same for your business.

2. Do they Fit

When you find a digital marketing company London that looks good the next step is to connect, you may find 2 or 3 companies you like, so then connect with them all, have a chat over the phone or by email, find a company that works with you best and knows there stuff, they might have a great site but when you speak on the phone decide they don’t know as much as the agency made out or cant get you results

you can even go as far as getting 2-3 quotes or speak to a marketing consultant London see what they offer why they do things what’s the process they use, from here you will usually get a clear idea of who knows there stuff and who is going to get you results.